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Microsoft Releases HD Photo Plug-In For Photoshop

The software is intended for use with Photoshop CS2 or CS3 running on Windows XP or Windows Vista.


Security Agent App Flawed, Says Cisco
PC World

Cisco is advising Windows users of its Cisco Security Agent software to upgrade the product because of a security bug.

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Services - IT Staff Augmentation

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E-Line main goal for IT staffing is to cover your specific need, cost effectively and efficiently.

Our each employee is highly qualified & possess the certifications, experience, and customer service skills to accommodate even the most unique client environments.

Our services can address your special and seasonal demands and help you minimize the cost involved in hiring permanent employees. We provide you qualified and experienced personnel suitable for your requirements, who will work exclusively for your organization.

Our Human Resources Department makes sure that each employee goes through rigorous screening process to maintain highly skilled individuals who are available to fill your needs.

Through our services following are the benefits

Cost effectives:

Recruiting, maintaining and sustaining manpower. We can help minimize your IT staff payroll costs; with our IT professionals working closely with your employees to ensure your IT needs are met.

Time efficient:

We ensure that your projects are completed to your satisfaction, within your timelines. With our experienced IT professions you can save your hiring time process and concentrate more on project requirements.

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